Speculate on Badminton

China is undoubtedly the most successful badminton team in history. The Chinese national team has won Thomas Cup (World Men's Team Championships) nine times and the Uber Cup (World Team Championships for Women) 13 times. China has also won more medals in badminton at the Olympics than any other country.

Chinese players have also dominated the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Championships - having the most number of gold medal winners (61). China is the only country to ever achieve a shutout of the medals! And they have done it three times already (1987, 2010 and 2011)!

Chinese Badminton legends include Lin Dan, Zhang Ning, Lu Lan, Gao Ling, Huang Sui, and Xie Xingfang.

Aside from its domination of the sports, Badminton is vastly popular in China because of its relative simplicity, after all, all you need is a shuttlecock and a racket. And its growth is sustained by leagues such as the Badminton Super League.

Worldwide, Badminton may not be as popular as it is in China, but there are professional leagues in India (Indian Badminton League also known as the Premier Badminton League) and the United Kingdom (National Badminton League). And with Olympic and BWF events, there sure are a lot of Badminton matches to speculate on.

Speculating on Badminton matches does not include point spreads, all that matters is who wins or loses. This is where money line wagering comes in.

Money line results are decided by the straight-up winner of a match. A Badminton money line usually looks like:

Lee Chong Wei +175
Chen Long -225

In the example above, Lee Chong Wei is the underdog, marked by the "+". Betting $100 on him would give you a $175 profit if he wins the match. On the other hand, Chen Long is the favorite, marked by the "-" sign. Betting $225 on him would give you $100 profit if he wins the match.

Sportsbooks also allow you to speculate on the outright winner of Badminton tournaments, like who would win in the Olympics or the BWF World Championships - these are called Propositions. A typical Badminton Proposition market would look like:

Olympic Men's Singles Badminton Tournament
Chong Wei Lee 9/5
Dan Lin 5/2
Long Chen 7/2
Viktor Axelsen 11/1
Jan Jorgensen 15/1
Tien Chen Chou 20/1
Wan Ho Son 25/1
Tommy Sugaiarto 25/1
Ka Long Ng 33/1
Boonsak Ponsana 40/1