Speculate on Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

China has constantly been the global powerhouse in Table Tennis. Male Chinese Table Tennis players have been so dominant that they have won the men's World Championship 60% of the time since 1959. Meanwhile, their female counterparts have won all but two of the World Championships since 1971.

China's Table Tennis dominance was even more exemplified during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics as Chinese players won all the gold medals.

And according to the July 2016 men's rankings of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), four of the top five players in the world are Chinese.

Rank Name Association
1. FAN Zhendong China
2. MA Long China
3. XU Xin China
4. ZHANG Jike China
5. OVTCHAROV Dimitrij Germany

In the women's rankings, four of the top five players are also from China.

Rank Name Association
1. LIU Shiwen China
2. DING Ning China
3. ZHU Yuling China
4. FENG Tianwei Singapore
5. LI Xiaoxia China

The overwhelming dominance of China in the sport has even triggered rules changes in the ITTF and the Olympics.

Deng Yaping considered by many as the Michael Jordan of the sport. She has won six world championships and four Olympic championships between 1989 and 1997.

Types of Table Tennis Markets

Money Line Table Tennis Markets
Money line Table Tennis markets are decided by the winner of a Table Tennis match. A Table Tennis money line usually looks like:

MA Long -230

In the example above, Mizutani is the underdog, marked by the “+”. Betting $100 on him would give you a $170 profit if he wins the match. On the other hand, Ma is the favorite, marked by the "-" sign. Betting $230 on him would give you $100 profit if he wins the match.

Propositions Table Tennis Markets
Sportsbooks also allow you to speculate on the outright winner of Table Tennis tournaments, like who would win in the Olympics or the ITTF World Championships - these are called Propositions. A typical Table Tennis Proposition looks like:

Olympic Men's Singles Table Tennis
Long Ma 4/7
Jike Zhang 12/5
ZHU Yuling China
Dimitrij Ovtcharov 14/1
Jun Mizutani 20/1
Timo Boll 25/1
Chun Ting Wong 33/1
Chih Yuan Chuang 35/1
Vladimir Samsonov 40/1
Youngsik Jeoung 50/1
Marcos Freitas 50/1